Liars and Outliers

Cover concept: ‘Liars and Outliers’ by Bruce Schneier

Cover concept: 'Liars and Outliers' by Bruce Schneier

I’ve been following security expert Bruce Schneier‘s blog for about a year and appreciate his ability to communicate technical security issues to a Luddite like me.

When he asked readers for feedback on working titles and covers for his upcoming book, Liars and Outliers, I spent 20 minutes designing a prototype of what I thought would communicate ‘security’ and still appeal to a broader audience.

I sent my prototype to Bruce, and he shared with his publisher, Wiley. To my surprise, they took the prototype and refined it.

Thank you Bruce and Wiley for the great honor in letting me contribute in this way.

My prototype:

Dangerous Minority

Final cover:

Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Thrive

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