City in a Box: Municipal Makeover Comes to Texas

U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer Beth Noveck wrote about the manor.govfresh event and De Leon, TX, makeover on the White House Blog (City in a Box: Municipal Makeover Comes to Texas). manor.govfresh was a collaborative effort between GovFresh and the City of Manor, TX.

From the post:

And the movement is spreading. City officials from Manor and volunteers from around the country, for example, have “adopted” De Leon in northern Texas, in order to provide it with a makeover of its own. Instead of a new wardrobe and makeup, De Leon gets a “City in a Box”—a package that includes digital citizen participation tools and assistance implementing a new website, ideation platform, records management system, and more. The conference taking place today and tomorrow will feature concrete “how to” lessons from that makeover.